About Moms Helping Moms

The mission of Moms Helping Moms Foundation is to provide low income families in New Jersey with the essential baby items that they need to give their children a safe, happy and healthy start.

Statement from our Founder, Bridget Cutler

Moms Helping Moms Foundation started out as a simple idea by a group of new mothers who shared the common ideal that no baby should ever have to go without life’s basic necessities. Our plan started simply – we would collect donations of essential baby items from families who no longer needed them and pass them on to families who did. Over the years this simple idea has turned into a large network of passionate, caring, like-minded people who work together to help hundreds of babies and young children each year. Through partnerships with community organizations, social workers, homeless shelters, schools, and others we have collected and distributed hundreds of thousands of diapers, clothing, formula, nursing supplies, strollers and countless other baby essentials to hundreds of families.

Together with our supporters, we are working to end diaper need and fight childhood poverty in New Jersey. We will not rest until our services are no longer needed. We are so thankful to all of you who help us make this happen every day.

Our Programs

MHM has four programs to help us achieve our mission of keeping babies safe, healthy and happy. Below you can read more about each and learn ways to get involved and help us fight childhood poverty.

DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM: MHM distributes 300,000+ critical essentials to 12,000 individuals per year. This includes 200,000+ diapers per year. Two part-time staff, the program director, Rebecca Tucker, and the warehouse manager, run the distribution program. We started delivering donations to community partners who could not make it to our warehouse as a result of a new partnership with a car dealership who uses their van to deliver goods for nonprofits at no cost.

EARLY LITERACY PROGRAM: MHM distributes literature in English and Spanish to parents/caregivers on the importance of early reading, talking and singing with children. We also ensure that each child we serve receives at least one book with every wish list fulfillment.

DENTAL PROGRAM: Through partnerships with local Dentists, in 2018 MHM began distributing kid’s toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as literature about proper dental hygiene to our families.

ADVOCACY PROGRAM: MHM engages in advocacy and awareness-building efforts related to diaper need. We organize diaper drives in our local communities to highlight the importance of this issue and encourage people to donate diapers or dollars to make an impact. We also participate in Diaper Need Awareness Week and received six diaper need proclamations from local elected officials in 2018.

Founded in 2011

Moms Helping Moms Foundation is a baby supply and diaper bank serving low-income and vulnerable children 0-5 who live in New Jersey.


Bridget Cutler, Founder and Co-President
Megan Deaton, Co-President
Lorraine Dias-Sotiriou, Board President
Michael Futterman, Board Member
Jackie McCormack, Board Vice President
Jerusha Oleksiuk, Director of Development

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